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The Hi-Tech Rental Department has a wide selection of boards and sail manufactures to choose from. All equipment is turned over frequently and kept fresh right down to the footstraps, fins, and harness lines. The complete line of the latest QUATRO and NAISH wave and freestyle production boards, as well as the newest. Quatro twin fin boards. Larger FANATIC freeride boards are also provided for the intermediate/beginner sailor. Complete rigs include the latest Ezzy, Goya, and Maui Sails wave sails (the larger sizes have a onshore type shape for a fuller range); Powerex "skinny" carbon masts; one piece aluminum booms; choice of waist or seat harnesses by Da Kine; and roof racks.

We don't need to offer a pre-book option on windsurfing rentals since almost everyone saves more money by using our "per use, pay when done" plan on total number of days the equipment was checked out, not necessarily consecutive, which is a full-service plan allowing you unlimited exchanges and check-ins/outs. There is no charge for the days you turn your gear in by noon. No one knows how many days you'll be able to sail assuming the wind is blowing (though we do hope it's everyday), so your rental charges are usually less than you expect. Simply go to the Hi-Tech rental department to open an account and they'll help you load the gear and tell you what the forecast is for that day (they actually won't give you the gear unless it looks like a good day for sailing). They point you in the right direction for the best windsurfing for that day, usually to Kanaha Beach Park, the most popular sailing beach on Maui and the best all-around location in the world five minutes away, and offer as much advice as you wish. They have roof racks to fit all rental cars. You may exchange your board and sails whenever you like as you progress or conditions change. A wide variety of surfboards are available as well.

For complete gear rental at Hi-Tech Surf Sports, you'll get a special 10% DISCOUNT offered to our guests only which includes two sails, board of your choice, any type/size, and roof racks, with unlimited exchanges so you can pick and choose any gear according to both conditions of the day and your skill level. We'll put you on our "guest list" at Hi-Tech so just let them know you're a "guest of Maui Windsurfari" when you go to pick up gear anytime after arrival and they will give you our special rate for gear rental.

Guest Testimonial: We had 4 great days of windsurfing at Kanaha beach park. We sailed out in the ocean with the flying fish and the giant sea turtles, and saw the pros practicing for Maui Race Series; it was absolutely unforgettable. HT Maui got us set up with high quality gear. The sailing was the reason we came to Maui and was even better than we expected! -- Colin Pits, Maryland

Windsurfing rentals:

Your rental package will include your choice of production boards by Quatro, Naish, and Fanatic; sails by Ezzy, Goya, and Maui Sails; skinny carbon masts by Powerex; one piece aluminum booms; Streamlined extensions; Streamlined bases; Da Kine seat or waist harnesses; and roof racks.

Windsurf gear rental rates

Surfboard Rentals:

Like all Hi-Tech rentals their surfboard fleet is frequently turned over, at least once a year, many times 2 or 3 times a year. HT prides themselves in having quality surfboards, and even new model surfboards for you to rent. Currently they carry over 100 surfboards in their rental fleet! This rental also comes with a protective board bag, roof racks, and wax. Rate: $25/day

Stand-Up Paddle Rentals:

Rental includes board, adjustable paddle and roof racks. New boards are frequently added to Hi-Tech’s fleet.  Visit or call their rental dept. to see & hear the latest up-dated additions. Rate$35/day, 10% off for 5 days, 20% off weekly

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